Labor Day, 2 PM — Meet on the Common next to City Hall for a short, fun ride (about 10 miles) on paths and lesser-traveled streets. We’ll ride along the Charles River and loop back on quiet streets south of the Charles. If you show up early, we’ll be happy to check over your bicycle.

CyclingSavvy Instructor John Brooking from Portland, Maine will be joining local isntructor John Allen for a Train Your Bike parking-lot bicycle skills session on Sunday, August 6.

The parking-lot session stands on its own, but also we”ll be running a classroom session and  on-street session at  a later date. There is a $45 charge for this session but if you also sign up for the two other parts of the CyclingSavvy course, you get a bundle discount to $95.

Detailed information about Train Your Bike is here;

Register for Train Your bike at

The Bike Lab opens at 10:30 AM Sunday, August 6 for bicycle checkover at the Charles River Museum of Industry. Google satellite view of the area: .  You may park at the Embassy Theater parking lot, at the end of Cooper Street (off Pine Street) and cross the Charles River to the museum on a pedestrian bridge. This is a lead-in for a parking-lot bicycle skills test to be held in the afternoon. Please RSVP by submitting a comment to this post.