CyclingSavvy Instructor John Brooking from Portland, Maine will be joining local isntructor John Allen for a Train Your Bike parking-lot bicycle skills session on Sunday, August 6.

The parking-lot session stands on its own, but also we”ll be running a classroom session and  on-street session at  a later date. There is a $45 charge for this session but if you also sign up for the two other parts of the CyclingSavvy course, you get a bundle discount to $95.

Detailed information about Train Your Bike is here;

Register for Train Your bike at

The Bike Lab opens at 10:30 AM Sunday, August 6 for bicycle checkover at the Charles River Museum of Industry. Google satellite view of the area: .  You may park at the Embassy Theater parking lot, at the end of Cooper Street (off Pine Street) and cross the Charles River to the museum on a pedestrian bridge. This is a lead-in for a parking-lot bicycle skills test to be held in the afternoon. Please RSVP by submitting a comment to this post.