Take an easy ride, about 14 miles among bicycle-related historical sites with Larry Finison, author of the acclaimed book Boston’s Cycling Craze, 1880-1900. Visit and learn where bicycles were built, where bicyclists by the hundreds hung out and picnicked by the Charles River, and about Waltham’s former bicycle racetrack. We will ride in a group — nobody will be left behind. Sunday, September 9, 2 PM, Duck Feeding Area, Norumbega Road, Weston. More info here: https://www.crw.org/content/revisit-charles-where-bicyclists-played-1895-2

Show your support for the Rail Trail! it is on the agenda at:

* Conservation Commission tonight, September 6, 2018: Government Center building (119 School Street). Meeting room is in the basement, left front corner of the building. There is a bicycle rack at that side of the building, and car parking in front of and behind the building. The agenda for the meeting is here.

* Traffic Commission meeting: Thursday, September 27, 10 AM., City Hall, Henry Hoover meeting room, second floor, right rear corner of the building. The Traffic Commission page is here. The meeting agenda is posted on that page a couple of days before the meeting.

See you!