We’ll have a classroom session and an outdoor session of the League of American Bicyclists TS101 course, taught by League-certified instructors.

The classroom session covers basic bicycle fit, adjustment and on-road repairs, bicycle handling skills (shifting gears, using the brakes etc.) and how to be safe and confident on the path and the street. This session will be offered twice (take one or the other), 7-10 PM on Monday, May 16 and Friday, May 20, at the Arthur J. Clark Government Center building, 119 School Street in Waltham. You need not bring your bicycle, but if you do and arrive early, starting 6 PM, we can offer you individual help with bicycle adjustments.

The classroom sessions will be followed up by an outdoor riding session, bicycle and helmet required, 9 AM-4 PM on Saturday, May 21 at Hobbs Brook Office Park (Wyman and Lincoln Streets in Waltham. You may attend only the classroom session if you wish, but we encourage you also to attend the outdoor session, as it is where you get real practice. The classroom session is free; there’s as $25 charge for the outdoor session, to cover expenses. You must be at least 16 years of age to attend the riding session, and if under 18, a parent or guardian must also participate in the class.

Please sign up on our Meetup page.

NEMBA is hosting a friendly mountain bike ride that is taking place in Waltham and Belmont on Monday evenings throughout the summer.  NEMBA is the New England Mountain Bike Association and they will be holding this ride on Monday evenings at 6:00 pm sharp leaving from the Lone Tree Hill parking lot off Mill St. in Belmont.  Here is a link for more info.

Hi Fellow Cyclists!

Notice that Waltham has a problem with having a lack of racks? Our bikes need a safe spot when we hang out at the park, run errands, commute, etc… We need more racks. Lots more.  People come up with interesting and creative ways of locking up their bikes, or sometimes, even piggy backing off of other bikes. We’re requesting that more people take action and write a letter to the Mayor to secure more racks. This is the perfect opportunity to install new racks with the slated construction of Moody and Main Streets.

Please feel free to copy/paste the template. Thank you kindly for your participation and ongoing support!

Dear Mayor McCarthy:

I would like to express my support for the consideration of bike rack installations in the Moody/Main Street sidewalk renovation project.

Currently, the only racks available in the entire area are at the Waltham commuter rail stop and these are frequently at capacity and unavailable to those that wish to stop at businesses.

The bike racks will provide a safe place for cyclists to lock up and avoid the ‘creative’, and often ugly, measures that have to be taken in order to find a place to safely lock up abicycle. Bike racks will be a clear indication that businesses in the area welcome bicycle traffic.

Inconvenient and poor bicycle parking is a serious detriment, and is a reason, that many cyclists will choose not to visit a building. Increased use of bicycles will stimulate local business while helping to relieve traffic congestion.

I urge the city to investigate the best placement for bicycle racks in this area.


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