Waltham Traffic Commission meeting, May 19

The Waltham Traffic Commission met at 10 AM on May 19. A condensed version of the Traffic Master Plan presentation of May 17 was given. There was a long discussion leading to approval of restriping of Lexington Street. Waltham resident Leo Keightley presented a petition for a path alongside Lexington Street. I (John Allen) commented that this would have safety problems with intersections and driveways. The Commission approved a plan submitted by the Traffic Engineer for a road diet and bike lanes on Lexington Street. The agenda of the meeting is online on the Traffic Commission Web page. As of this writing, the Minutes have not yet been posted.

Update, June 3, 2016: The May meeting is now online as streaming video, as are earlier Traffic Commission meetings. We have a post describing how to access them . As of today, the minutes of the May meeting are not yet online. After the Minutes have been approved at the June meeting, they may be expected to appear on the Traffic Commission page along with Minutes of earlier meetings (right side of page, scroll down).

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