Streaming videos on the MAC channel

Streaming video of Waltham Traffic Commission meetings is online, now including the May 19, 2016 meeting (no longer tied to an on-air date) and as far back as the September 2015 meeting. Here’s a direct link to the May 19 meeting.

There are many URLs for earlier meetings, so instead surf to, and in the On Demand Streaming window on the page click on Playlists, scroll down to Traffic Commission and click on it. A list of Traffic Commission meetings will appear. Scroll down if needed to find the meeting you want to view, and click on it. It will appear in the pane to the left of the list. By clicking on the double arrow icon below the lower right corner of the image, you may expand it to fill the screen.

To view the May 19 Transportation Master Plan meeting, just click here.


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